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Why I’m running for Governor

This video proves that there is no longer equality under the law in the USA, nor can there be, as long as a “drug war” exists. The core mission of our police is no longer to protect private property, but to steal it. Both the Democrats and Republicans support a legal system which amounts to oppression.


A totalitarian government isn’t just crippling to blacks and other voting minorities. ​The gradual loss of legal respect for our individual rights under the Bill of Rights harms everyone:


Reason magazine recently ran two stories that get to the heart of the reason why Democrats and Republicans are both so opposed to individual freedom. They both have the same boss. That boss is the central bank, which didn’t exist before 1913. That’s why they both support:


1) The drug war, that creates violent black markets that help no-one, and ruin hundreds of thousands of lives, creating more chaos and destruction than unrestricted drug use does. ​(Solution: “State Nullification(of Law) and Jury Nullification(of Law) or Jury Independence” Individual jury members vote “not guilty”, de-facto legalizing all drugs. States protect their jurors’ right to independence by refusing to allow prosecutorial appeals of jury verdicts. State & local police honor their oaths to the constitution, and don’t investigate actions that lack “injury and intent” required by habeas corpus, and prosecutors stop prosecuting such cases. For the last part to happen, bar-licensing is abolished.)​


The neuroscience of drug use – Dr Carl Hart


2) The military-industrial complex.​ (Solution: States refuse to punish jurors who, in turn, refuse to punish draft non-registration civil disobedience. States reject military contractors and “the businesses of death.” …Make defense smarter, not “bigger.”)​


3) The prison-industrial complex. ​click here to read the article


Mass Incarceration in the US


How the Prison-Industrial Complex Kills People For Profit (with Henry Rollins) • BRAVE NEW FILMS


4) The personal income tax. (Which didn’t exist before 1913, and which has been used ​primarily as a coercion mechanism to “lock us in” to using Federal Reserve Notes.)
Ron Paul, ​On Irwin Schiff


5) An FDA with coercive powers. If the FDA could only “make recommendations” to doctors, that wouldn’t interfere with terminally-ill patients and risk-tolerant patients using radical new cures that had a high likelihood of success. Every success could be built-upon at computation and market speeds.
regenerative medicine capacity in 2011


Stem cell therapy​


Ending aging


How FDA “standards” murder prisoners


6) A police state that has empowered police who are willing to ignore their oaths to the U.S. Constitution, and fired the ones who dare to honor their oaths(AL-Justin Hanners


NH-Bradley Jardis


Cariol Horne


USA-Matthew Fogg


MO-Joe St. Clair




(Since that’s what’s necessary to enforce the laws against safe speeding on highways, drug use, gambling, prostitution, and every other demonized-but-victimless action.)
The police now steal more money and property than all private-sector robbers and thieves combined. click here to read the article


So, for all the prior reasons, I’m a libertarian. This video section wouldn’t be the same without the video ​from the Republican (and Life-Member of the Libertarian Party) who caused me to abandon the Republican Party:


America: From Freedom To Fascism:


​The Creature From Jekyll Island